Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look at what I did!!

In honor of the Crimson Tide & College Football Season I give you:

How did I accomplish this darling little mailbox cover?  Sooo easy! At Hobby Lobby I found this houndstooth bag.  It's one of those plasticy recycled things.  Anyway, I used a seam ripper to deconstruct it, sewed on some velcro and voila! I got the wooden football and "A" from Hobby Lobby as well, and painted them accordingly.
Credit for the bow totally goes to my Mom, aka the most incredible bow tier in the world!!

Oh and for your viewing pleasure:
Yes, that is my red-headed step cat, Max... in the mailbox..
Super Easy and Super Adorable 
(If I do say so myself.. and I do)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Friday my mom had a 31 bag party with all her Zoo friends.  It was good times.  I got to see Khloe which is always a plus, and I got to order some bags.  It started while I was still at work, so I felt bad because I was exhausted (as I usually am at the end of the week) so I wasn't quite as personable as I probably should have been, but Oh well!

Saturday was my birthday! It wasn't great (I wasn't able to be with my adorable husband and Maddie didn't come watch football with me like she was supposed to, but it's okay, All has been forgiven), but it was definetly sweetened by the Crimson Tide beating Kent State 48-7!

Plus, last night we had company over for burgers.  Maddie and her mom Debbie came over and I got some fabulous birthday gifts from them.  They seriously out did themselves.  Books, bookmarks, my favorite tea, some fiestaware in Cobalt to go with my set and my favorite:

Fiesta Silverware!! I have been coveting this set for almost a year!!! Since we set up our registry!!! I am so excited!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!

Now, Maddie and I are off to grab some lunch, do some shopping and go see "The Help".  I'm pretty excited!! Happy Labor Day everyone!!

books Books BOOKS

I've been a terrible blogger lately.  I've been super busy trying to get back into the swing of things, going back to school, work, it's been hectic!!

I've finished "The Last Letter from your Lover" by JoJo Moyes.. it was INCREDIBLE!!!

"The Friday Night Knitting Club" & "Knit Two" both by Kate Jacobs.

I actually picked those two up because I read "Comfort Food" also by Kate Jacobs and absolutely loved it!!

Before that it was "The Girl who stopped swimming" by Joshilyn Jackson, which was positively haunting.  Seriously, I adored it!! 

Somewhere in the middle of all those was "Sing you Home" by Jodi Picoult.

"Hope in a Jar" & "Thin Rich Pretty" by Beth Harbison. 

Last but not least of course were "Perfect Little Ladies" & "Good Little Wives"

It's a wonder that I've had time for anything else with all the reading, but seriously.. It's my favorite leisure activity, so don't judge me.