Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clearly, I suck...

I'm sorry...

I don't even have a good excuse for not blogging lately.  Probably because I feel like I'm just sending random thoughts out into the world with no one to even read them..  I mean, my life is kind of chaotic with my Husby being in another country, school, keeping the Curvey Sisters in line at work, Oh! and my cat can be quite the handful.  But, I know that I do have 2 loyal followers Jerrica (Check out her blog! She's pretty awesome!) does, and Ana (Here's her blog! I've adopted her as my own personal skin care & beauty expert!), so if only for them, I will be better.  Oh! and now welcome to the blogosphere, McKenzie (Here's the link to this Lovely Ladie's blog as well!), she's the amazing mod on TheKnot's Military Brides message board, which is also where I "met" Ana!! Yay for new friends and blogs to follow!!

I'm choosing to blame my lack of posts on Pinterest.  Do you have one yet?! If you don't, You're lame and we can't be friends anymore!  It's pretty much amazing!! I've made lots of new recipes, and crafts and stuff, all thanks to Pinterest.  If my dear sweet Husby would ever get me a new laptop like he's promised I would post pictures, but as it is all my pictures are on the computer downstairs, and yes.. I'm just that lazy.  Give me a break though, I have the strep.. or the flu.. it's one of those and I'm feeling pretty under the weather.  Kitty face doesn't mind though because it means lots of snuggling with him in his favorite place... bed.

Exciting news though! I've lost 30lbs officially!! Only 7 more to go and then I'm halfway to my ultimate goal!! And I've been reconnecting with a friend.  A friend that I lost touch with, through my own stubbornness, but it feels nice regardless.

I'll be attempting an apron this weekend.. I've never sewn with a machine before, only by hand, so I'll post my success (or failure) soon!!

I promise I'll be better..if for no other reason that to make Jerrica happy!