Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ikea Madness...

I constantly dream of how I will decorate my future home. Tonight after a 2 hour nap that has now inconveniently left me wide awake at 1am, I am in my head at least, designing mine and my wonderful husbands bedroom!

I have been in love with this bed for a year now. I love white bedroom furniture. I like to think that my bedroom is like my own personal cloud...

That is the bedspread I want. I think it will look wonderful with pops of color, and I can change said pops to suit my mood. I am a pink girl.. I love pink. Hubs doesn't mind my obsession with the color, but I mean, we can go crazy and change out our throw blankets. Throws are something that I plan to have like a million of..

I am absolutely in love with this:

and since I seem to be really drawn to the Birkeland series, I figure we'll probably get one of these:

I like to change my sheets on a weekly basis, so these will be fun, and they'll be yet another way to add color:

These curtains:

Hubby and I like a clean, and organized bedroom. He really likes everything to be super clean and organized, but I am super OCD about my bedroom. Once it's messed up, It takes me forever to get back into my organization, but I know that with L, we'll keep it clean and neat just fine. Maybe we'll field day once a week like he does in the barracks.

Thats all for now.. Maybe tomorrow we'll do the kitchen!! Nighty Night!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lies that Chelsea Handler told me...

As promised.. although.. promised to who? myself? my 1 follower/best friend? Anyway...

I pre-ordered this book 2 weeks before it came out, and as a HUGE Chelsea Handler fan. I dvr anything even remotely related to her, and watch it over and over and over. She puts a smile on my face and makes me LOL, always. I want to know her personally, because I think we'd get along famously. On to the book review..

This book was unlike her other 3 books. While the first 3 were written by Chelsea, about her shenanagins, this book was written by her staff, family and friends. All about the pranks she plays on them, and as the title suggests, the lies she tells them. She is soo funny. This book only dissapointed me in that fact that she is not as vocal in this book. She writes a little blurb at the end of each chapter, and includes lots of pictures. I Love pictures. I love her family. It makes me wish I were Jewish and part of a big family. The Handler Clan seem to have so much fun. Plus, can you imagine what working at Chelsea Lately would be like? Thankfully "After Lately" gave us a glimpse into the highly dysfunctional yet highly productive team that produces and writes, and lets face it dresses, the cast of "Chelsea Lately"

Back to the book.. It's great. I'm glad that in addition to being so funny herself, she surrounds herself with other funny people. Bottom line.. I Loved it. Others may not because it's not written by Chelsea, but I Loved it.
Next up, is "You'll never Blue Ball in this town" by Heather McDonald. I hope it makes me like her more, because I find her the most annoying person on Chelsea Lately. I feel like I should at least admire her because she was a 27 year old virgin and a mother of boys.. Hmm.. We'll see!!

Moving Day for the Bestie...

I'm helping my Bestie, Jerrica Rose Wilson-Goodwin move & pack to move to Arizona.  I have to say that while I have not always been the best of friend to her, she has ALWAYS been the best of friend to me. I admittedly can be quite a handful (just ask my husband..), and I tend to get way over involved in my own life & drama that I loose touch with those I'm closest to. I also like to "batten down the hatches" and particularly when I'm going through bad times in my life I just shut everyone out but the Hubs. Shamefully, I have done this many times to my dear sweet wonderful friend. She is always there though, always when I come crawling back she welcomes me. I am also, ashamedly jealous that she gets to be reunited with her wonderful husband later today, while I still have 8 months before I get to see mine. I am so honestly thrilled for her. She has found a wonderful man that is so hopelessly devoted and positively enamoured with her. It makes my heart so happy to see her so happy. I know that her Husband will take such good care of her. I'm glad that they are so happy. Am I justified in being a teensy weensy bit jealous? I think so, maybe not, but I think so. I hope that now that we are both married, military wives, that our bond will be even stronger. We have so much in common (Reading, Crafting, being married to military men, among other things), and so many good times. Because of her getting stationed in AZ, I now wouldn't mind being stationed there. For now I will enjoy my remaining few days with her, including attending her adorably themed wedding reception. She will leave on sunday, so I'll be lonely until a I leave to go back to WA on tuesday. I just wanted her to know how much I love and appreciate her friendship. I appreciate JJ for how well I know he'll be taking care of her. JRoe, You're my bestie and I Love you.

Last one for tonight.. I promise..

I sometimes forget just how lonely Hubs and I get. We were talking tonight and I said "I miss you" He of course replied that he misses me too and that missing each other is our job right now.. How much does that suck? Anyway, here is our song, dedicated to the love of  my life all the way in Japan. I Love and Miss you with all my heart Baby.

Last Night at Chateau Marmont..

First off, Let me just say that I am a slightly boring individual, and I read really fast so.. Book reviews will happen quite frequently..

Okay, so on my aforementioned road trip yesterday I read "Last Night at Chateau Marmont" by Lauren Weisberger. I've really liked her first 3 books, and "The Devil Wears Prada" is one of my favorite movies, this book did not disappoint. It was a fun quick little read about a hardworking wife who works 2 jobs to support her aspiring musician husband. The book goes by quickly detailing his rise to fame and the subsequent demise of their marriage.. Will the Alter's survive? Read it to find out!! and perhaps while you're at it, you'll pick up some of the author's earlier work. What I love about Lauren Weisberger's work is her ability to blend the current and real with her made up brand of fun. Her mentions of real celebritys like John Mayer and Jay Z with the fake sleazy agent "Leo".

Plus.. who doesn't love books with shoes on the covers?!

I'm about to finish "Lies that Chelsea Handler told Me" so I'll probably review that tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuscaloosa Tornado damage.

I live in WA. I've been in NC for 3 weeks (3 weeks, back in my parents house...BIG MISTAKE). I've made not 1 but 2 16 hour car rides to Alabama. I Love EVERYTHING about AL. It made my heart so sad however to see all the tornado damage. My dad is being considered for a job in Tuscaloosa, hence the long drives. Seeing all that damage first hand really made my heart sad. However, I did see a super heart warming image, that as a Marine Wife, I loved...

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm currently reading "Bossypants" by Tina Fey.. I got it to entertain me on my trip from WA to NC. It's pretty good, but it's not what I was expecting. I enjoyed the beginning, reading about Ms. Fey's childhood, and how she got her start in "show business" (spoiler: summer theater).  I got lost somewhere in the middle when she starts talking about business. Blah Blah Blah, I don't care too much how many writers and producers they have on SNL or 30 Rock, Nor do I care about the Harvard graduate to Actor ratio. I like to laugh. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to annoy the person next to me on my 6 hour flight with my constant giggles. Alas, I think I have possibly laughed out loud 3 times with this book. She does give a funny takes on photoshop, breast feeding, and how she got her scar. She discuses in depth how the now famous Sarah Palin impersonation came about, and how she was admittedly condescending towards her when they met in person.

 I guess the bottom line, for me at least, if you're a Fey fan, It's a good read, if for no other reason, than to know a little bit more about her. If you'd like to know and understand the inner workings of SNL or creating and producing 30 Rock,  pick it up!! But if none of these things interest you, then it's a pass for sure.