Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ikea Madness...

I constantly dream of how I will decorate my future home. Tonight after a 2 hour nap that has now inconveniently left me wide awake at 1am, I am in my head at least, designing mine and my wonderful husbands bedroom!

I have been in love with this bed for a year now. I love white bedroom furniture. I like to think that my bedroom is like my own personal cloud...

That is the bedspread I want. I think it will look wonderful with pops of color, and I can change said pops to suit my mood. I am a pink girl.. I love pink. Hubs doesn't mind my obsession with the color, but I mean, we can go crazy and change out our throw blankets. Throws are something that I plan to have like a million of..

I am absolutely in love with this:

and since I seem to be really drawn to the Birkeland series, I figure we'll probably get one of these:

I like to change my sheets on a weekly basis, so these will be fun, and they'll be yet another way to add color:

These curtains:

Hubby and I like a clean, and organized bedroom. He really likes everything to be super clean and organized, but I am super OCD about my bedroom. Once it's messed up, It takes me forever to get back into my organization, but I know that with L, we'll keep it clean and neat just fine. Maybe we'll field day once a week like he does in the barracks.

Thats all for now.. Maybe tomorrow we'll do the kitchen!! Nighty Night!!

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