Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lies that Chelsea Handler told me...

As promised.. although.. promised to who? myself? my 1 follower/best friend? Anyway...

I pre-ordered this book 2 weeks before it came out, and as a HUGE Chelsea Handler fan. I dvr anything even remotely related to her, and watch it over and over and over. She puts a smile on my face and makes me LOL, always. I want to know her personally, because I think we'd get along famously. On to the book review..

This book was unlike her other 3 books. While the first 3 were written by Chelsea, about her shenanagins, this book was written by her staff, family and friends. All about the pranks she plays on them, and as the title suggests, the lies she tells them. She is soo funny. This book only dissapointed me in that fact that she is not as vocal in this book. She writes a little blurb at the end of each chapter, and includes lots of pictures. I Love pictures. I love her family. It makes me wish I were Jewish and part of a big family. The Handler Clan seem to have so much fun. Plus, can you imagine what working at Chelsea Lately would be like? Thankfully "After Lately" gave us a glimpse into the highly dysfunctional yet highly productive team that produces and writes, and lets face it dresses, the cast of "Chelsea Lately"

Back to the book.. It's great. I'm glad that in addition to being so funny herself, she surrounds herself with other funny people. Bottom line.. I Loved it. Others may not because it's not written by Chelsea, but I Loved it.
Next up, is "You'll never Blue Ball in this town" by Heather McDonald. I hope it makes me like her more, because I find her the most annoying person on Chelsea Lately. I feel like I should at least admire her because she was a 27 year old virgin and a mother of boys.. Hmm.. We'll see!!

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