Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food Fanatic!!

I've been cooking up a storm lately!!! Here are some pics to make your taste buds water!!
Mini Omelets!! Broccoli, Cheese, and Ham

Baked Ziti

Whole Wheat Blueberry & Banana Muffins
 I've also made several variations on the whole wheat muffin recipe I found originally by Gina, like Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Chocolate Chip, and Mixed Berry.
Marinating Tuna Steaks... yummmmm

Oven Roasted potatoes, seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary, and olive oil


Tuna Steak, Beets, my yummy potatoes, and Italian cut green beans!
I have really found a passion for cooking!! And I very rarely use a recipe.. It seems to be something that I'm just kind of naturally good at!! Thank goodness I found something.. Just kidding!!  Some other memorable dishes were meatloaf, shrimp and chicken kabobs, & mushroom and Swiss omelets.

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