Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Paycheck!!

I got my first paycheck from my job at Curves. It's part time, but I LOVE IT!!!!! It's the best job I've ever had!!
Also, Mom and I have been thrifting lately and went to a FANTASTIC store called "The Groovy Scavenger" {Link Here} it was too pricey for my budget, but at 50% off of retail value they have some great deals if your looking to upgrade some furniture.  I like to get creative with my furniture so I prefer to buy plain and then create, but for people who are not able due to time or lack of creative ability to "embellish" their furniture, GS would be a great place for you!! Here's a pic of a table, chairs and side hutch that I absolutely fell in love with!!!

I Love everything about this set, from the red "feet" on the table, to the distressed look of the side hutch, and the beautiful feathers on the table.. if I had an extra $1200 laying around that table would be mine!!

Happy Sunday!

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