Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Joining Forces!!

I am super excited about this!!! I found out yesterday that Curves International {Link}, has signed on with Joining Forces {Link}.  Participating Curves Clubs will offer either a 6 month membership absolutely free to Spouses, Mothers, Sisters, or Daughters (It is up to the owner of that particular franchise if the extend this offer to family members other than spouses, Our Club is offering it to any female family members of AD Service Members) of Active Duty Service Members, and the option to join for 50% off the normal joining price.  This makes my heart smile biigg time!! My boss called me right after she found out and said "This is yours Girl, Go with it!!" We decided that our club will offer the Free 6 month memberships to any female family members, AS well as the option to join at 50% off, some clubs may do both, or may only offer one.  I could not be more excited!! I hope that this will get us lots of new members!! Thank you Shanna, Big Curves in the Sky, as well as, Jill Biden and Michelle Obama for bringing this organization into the spotlight!!

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