Thursday, June 9, 2011

Max & The Chickens

My kitten, Maximus has decided that he too, is chicken. He lives with them, tucks them in at night, eats their food, and has been caught up in their coop.
Max on top of the shed, in a standoff with a Squirrel

The Chickens, Fred(the rooster), Jodi, Kelly, and Ginger

Max has an unnatural obsession with feet..

Fred, he's a Buff Cochin, hence the feathered feet

Max refuses to eat, unless it's with the Chickens

My feathered siblings

Fred & Ginger came together, Jodi (the white chicken) is one that my mom has raised from chick status, and Kelly (a dominecker) is my personal favorite.

Not only does he eat with them, he eats what they eat... even laying mash.

Yes, the Chickens also eat his kitten food

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