Friday, June 3, 2011

It's been a while.. but I'm back!!

In a panic about how full my car was!!

The view from my rear view mirror...

My full to the brim Jeep...

I recently drove across the country with my Dad. He flew to WA last week Wednesday, his flight got in around 2 am, and we took off. We made the drive in a little over 2 days, FINALLY arriving in NC Saturday morning around 8am.
I am slowly but surely adjusting to the time difference, interviewing for jobs and unpacking.. Here are some pictures from the trip.. 
Montana... If you ever say to yourself "Hmm, I think I'll drive across Montana.." DON'T.

16 Hours later, still in Montana


Welcome to Iowa!

You can't really see, but it's a billboard advertising Marine Week in St. Louis...

Dad and I took turns, He drove mostly from like midnight until 6am, and I drove all day. It was fun, but I don't recommend that trip without lots of stops, and springing for hotels along the way...

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