Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My bedroom is super tiny. I had a queen size bed in it, but it was just too much. I had to turn sideways to walk between my bed and my dresser. I thought that was just silly. So when I found a full size bed at one of my favorite thrifty stores {the Painted Picket-The owner, Amy, take donated or cheap bought furniture and distresses, paints, refinishes, re-upholsterers and otherwise re makes furniture. If you get it before she touches it, its really cheap, after she's done with it the mark up is kind of ridiculous}I asked her how much. She had just gotten it in and was sending it to the painter. I offered her $35 for it, and she took it!!

Before Pictures:

As usual, I sanded and cleaned all the pieces before I started painting..

It took 3 good coats on the head and foot boards, I didn't worry too much about the side rails because they barely show, and they weren't coated with wood finish in the first place, so the paint stuck a lot better to those.


Obviously not perfect.. but neither am I!

I used a high gloss black paint, and LOTS of painter's tape to protect the rest of the head board..

The Finished Product:

I put the stripes on the nightstand as well...Don't be jealous, it's easy to do!!

I Lovvvvee my new bed.. I can't say the same for my mattress.. but whatever!!

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