Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tape as Wallpaper?!

Ohh Myy Goodness.

While playing around in blog land, I stumbled upon LitteGreenNotebook, and I fell in love!! I clicked, because I liked the look of her desk, but found a post about using Tape (masking tape) to spruce up plain jane walls.  As a future apartment renter and a lover of color, I was seriously sweating the white, white, white walls. I kind of hate white walls (even though I did just paint my upstairs white). I'm placing an order with (fantastic Japanese tape that acts like vellum, so it's kind of transparent) for black tape, then I'm going to try this out on my bedroom!! If I like it and it works out well, it'll be a fun way to add color and design to my new apartment!! And at $3.50 a roll.. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than wallpaper.

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