Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hawks, Racoons, and Opossums. Oh My!

 As I mentioned yesterday, I have a Opossum problem. Or at least, I thought it was just a opossum problem. As it turns out, it is actually a Hawk, Raccoon, and Opossum problem.  I set a trap last night {Havahart humane traps} baiting it with catfood and apples.  Around 11pm, My dad and I were about to go to bed, we looked out and saw a raccoon in the chicken yard. I donned my Chicken boots, and my garden hoe (though what I planned to do with it is still unknown) and the raccoon in the yard scampered off, but lo and behold!! there was a raccoon in the trap!!!  Seeing 2 that close together, I realized we have a family of raccons, and probably a family of opossums as well!!! Dad and I loaded the trap in the back of the jeep, and made a drive down to Montgomery County and dropped the little guy off.  I came home and reset the trap with a peanut butter and honey sandwich, when I woke up this morning.. the sandwich was gone, but the trap was empty.

I do not like being made a fool of by some stupid rodents.. even if raccoons are kind of cute.

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