Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoe Addicts Anonymous

I recently went on a Books-A-Million excursion and I was super proud of myself for my purchases.  For Maddie's birthday, I got her a BAM gift card. She likes to watch MTV and "hates to read".  She read the Twilight series, but  lets face it.. Who didn't?! I, a complete book nut, in an effort to get her to read more, drag her to BAM on a weekly basis hoping she'll find a book she likes (usually I find like 28 books that I like).  Anyway.. I picked up 4 books (3 of them from the Bargain section).  This book caught my eye (1 guess as to why).

I simply devoured it!!! It was absolutely adorable.  I'm trying not to label books as "quick reads" because, a quick read for me (1-2 days, mostly because I usually only read at night for an hour or two) would take my dear mom, 3 weeks. She tends to forget she's reading a book, where as I think about the books I'm reading off and on throughout the day!!

Anyway, Shoe Addicts Anonymous, is a charming story of 4 women with secrets, who come together in a bond of sisterhood... Designer Shoes!! Lorna, a 30 something waitress with a mountain of debt. Helene, the unfortunate victim of a controlling husband. Sandra, an overweight phone sex operator with agoraphobia. Finally, Jocelyn, a young nanny forced to work for an over-zealous boss with secrets of her own. The result is Adorable. A perfect pick for a summer read, or a  girly book club!!

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